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About My Car Auction
My Car Auction has revolutionized the whole process of selling your car online. Our consumer-advocate platform allows you to get the highest price for your vehicle, while never leaving your house. We built our process to be hassle-free and 100% concierge. We are able to provide this through our innovative technology, and our existing partnership with the largest car auction company in the United States.
Our Mission
Our mission here at My Car Auction is to be the world’s most efficient and convenient way to sell your car for the most money. Our team is centered in Irvine, California, and is full of car enthusiasts that have been in the car business for 40+ years. We saw an opportunity in the market to create a platform that would truly be an advocate for the seller. We have put a lot of thought into providing our customers the most convenient way to sell their car for the most money.
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Our TeamOur main office in Irvine, California, hosts our west coast buy team, business office, and tech team. We do have a satellite buy team in North Miami Beach, Florida that services the east coast. Our buy team helps our customers from the time they get their quote to the moment we purchase their car. Our business office takes car of all of our customers payoff or lease buyout needs, DMV or titling questions, and after sale questions or concerns. Our tech team is comprised of software engineers and designers that are constantly improving our pricing algorithm and website functionality.
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Our GivingWe are passionate about the community and giving to local charities. Even as we expand, we don’t forget where we started, and are focused on making a difference by contributing to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
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