FAQs - How To Sell Your Car From Home & Where To List Your Car For Sale
Frequently Asked Questions
Ask any questions you have. We are here to help and answer your questions and facilitate the easiest, fast and convenient experience through your self auction journey!
How does My Car Auction know what my car is worth?
We overlay our proprietary AI algorithm with millions of car transactions happening every week at the biggest car auction house in America. This system allows for us to give you the highest realtime offer for your vehicle
Why couldn't I get a value for my car?
Oftentimes with brand new cars, specialty cars, or very old cars, there is not enough auction data to provide an accurate value. You can get a value by using the chat box in the bottom right to speak directly with one of our representatives, or one of our representatives should be reaching out over the phone within 48 hours to give you a value.
I received an error code. What should I do?
Please use our chat box in the bottom right and a representative will help you with your error code.
How do I know that MCA has the best price for my vehicle?
Our formula looks at all the vehicle that are most similar to yours by year, make, model, trim, color, and mileage and gives you the highest price one sold for that week.
Why is selling to MCA better than selling to a dealership or private party
At My Car Auction, we give you the best of both worlds. We are as legitimate as a dealership in terms of our funding, ability to pay off loans and leases, and taking care of the transfer of ownership for you. We also give you the same high offers as a private party and come to your house for the inspection and purchase.
How am I paid for my car?
We can pay you in three ways: company check, cashiers check, or wire transfer. If your car has a loan or is a lease buyout we can send you proof of payoff and tracking information to your lender or lessor.
When do you pick up my car?
We will pick up your car within 48 hours of writing the check to you or signing a wire transfer form.
What paperwork do I need to sell my car?
  • Your car’s title or pink slip: It gives you the legal right to sell your car. Must be unsigned. The person whose name is on the title/pink slip must be present at the inspection of the vehicle.
  • If you have a loan: Call your lender to get a 10-day payoff quote and bring a physcial copy to the inspection.
  • Lease payoff packet: If your car leased, ask your leasing agent for a payoff packet. This payoff packet should include a payoff quote, odometer statement, and titling instructions. You need to bring all three parts of the packet in a physical copy to the inspection.
  • DMV Paperwork: Our team will take care of all the DMV paperwork. One less headache for you to deal with!
How do I know if MCA is in my area?
When you type in your zipcode on our valuation tool and it lets you proceed, we service that area. We operate in many areas and large cities in California, Arizona, and Nevada including: Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas. We also have an east coast team that services Miami and the surrounding area.
How does the inspection process work?
One of our buyers will schedule an inspector to come to your house at your earliest convenience. Once there, the inspector will do a 15 minute inspector of the exterior, interior, and mechanical condition of the car. The price will then be finalized by the buyer, and we start the paperwork.
What if I change my mind and do not want to sell my car?
Using My Car Auction is 100% risk-free. There is no obligation to sell your car if you change your mind up until the moment you sign the bill of sale.
Am I able to drive my car during the selling process?
Of course! You can drive your car until it is officially sold to us at the inspection, but the price may be reduced if the odometer reads over 100 miles more than what was advertised.
Can I buy cars from My Car Auction?
Currently, we do not retail cars to our customers. If you are in the market for the best used cars in Irvine, CA, then visit mcacars.com and check out their inventory on Irvine Alfa Romeo's webiste.
Does the price on my car change from day to day?
Our algorithm is based off auctions happening every single day, so as new data comes in of cars similar to yours being sold, the price of your car will change. We hold our web offers for 48 hours.