FAQs - How To Sell Your Car From Home & Where To List Your Car For Sale
Frequently Asked Questions
Ask any questions you have. We are here to help and answer your questions and facilitate the easiest, fast and convenient experience through your self auction journey!
How does My Car Auction know what my car is worth?
My Car Auction uses a carefully crafted mathematical formula that uses your car’s color, mileage, condition report, vehicle history, location, and statistical data from car sales nation wide over the last year.
How do I know My Car Auction has the best price for my vehicle?
My Car Auction gives you the best price because it is based on thousands of recent car sales around the country. Our formula gives you the most accurate value for today’s market.
Why is My Car Auction better than selling to a dealership or a private party?
We provide a higher price than any dealership or private buyer, while removing all the headaches and hassles that come with trying to sell the car yourself. Our process was built to be simple, and 100% concierge. We also give you the opportunity to sell your car at an online auction where you can get hundreds of bids on your car from serious buyers. It is all done virtually, so you are free to use your car while we are hard at work getting you the best price.
Can I have my car picked up from my house or work?
You can have your car picked up from wherever is most convenient for you.
How am I paid when my car is sold?
We have three different options of payment: company check, cashiers check, or wire. We are also able to payoff your lender if you have a loan on the car.
How do I know if My Car Auction is in my area?
We currently operate in California, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Las Vegas area. We are planning to open our Miami office in November 2021.
Can I buy cars with My Car Auction?
Currently, you can only auction and sell cars through My Car Auction.
What paperwork do I need to sell my car?
  • Your car’s title or pink slip: It gives you the legal right to sell your car. Must be unsigned. The person whose name is on the title/pink slip must be present at the inspection of the vehicle.
  • Check with your lender: If you still owe money on your vehicle’s loan, call the lender to arrange the sale.
  • Payoff/buy out packet: If your car is a lease, ask your leasing agent for a payoff or buy out packet. They should send you all the information you need to bring to an inspection.
  • DMV Paperwork: Our team will take care of all the DMV paperwork. One less headache for you to deal with!
How long does it take to auction my car?
From the time your inspection is completed, the auction takes place the following Wednesday or Thursday. Once the auction is complete, we will notify you of the price your car sold for, and if you wish to sell, we will schedule a time to pick up the car and hand deliver full payment for your car.
What will the inspector check during my car inspection?
Our inspectors look at all the mechanical aspects of the car, interior condition, exterior condition, if the car has been painted, and overall condition of the car.
What if I change my mind and don’t want to sell my car?
Using My Car Auction is 100% risk-free. There is no obligation to sell your car if you change your mind. If we meet or beat the reserve price, we initially gave you and you decide not to sell.
Am I able to drive my car while it’s being auctioned?
Yes! An inspector will come out to inspect and take pictures of your car. Since the auction is all virtual, you keep your car while it is exposed to thousands of bidders.
Why can’t I auction my car myself?
Only people who hold a dealership license are allowed at our dealers only auctions. Although there are other open bidding platforms like eBay, our dealer only auctions are the best place to sell because we have more buyers that create a more competitive bidding environment.
How does the auction work?
We run our cars in a virtual auction through Manheim. We send an inspector out to inspect and take pictures of your vehicle. Then, it will be run through our virtual lane on the following Wednesday or Thursday.
Does the price on my car change from day to day?
Our algorithm is based off of live data of cars being bought and sold everyday around the country, so yes, your car’s value is likely to change over time. These changes will be slight and should not create a massive change from day to day.