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How To Sell a Car in California Online

At My Car Auction, our team provides an incredible alternative to a private sale. Avoid the hassle, stress, and effort that come with selling your used car. We buy your car directly, which means no haggling with a dealer, or getting a bunch of phone calls with interested buyers. We are the easiest and fastest way to get the price you deserve for your vehicle.

Why risk a sloppy private-party transaction, or risk thousands of dollars at a dealer, when you can work with My Car Auction? We make the whole process effortless from quote to cash - it's now simpler than ever!

If you are planning to sell your used car in California, just fill our our online form and we take care of the rest. That's the ideal way to sell your car!

We Will Sell Your Vehicle Fast!

At My Car Auction, our dependable team will take you from quote to cash transfer quicker than ever before! Our simplified sales process provides the perfect way for local drivers to sell their cars in an efficient and simple manner.

We help car sellers who have spent weeks looking for a buyer - only to be disappointed at the last minute by shady customers, cancelled appointment, and unrealistic offers.

So why risk selling to a private party? My Car Auction makes it faster than ever to sell your used car in California!

Get Your Insant Quote

Today, you can sell your vehicle in California in just a few easy steps. Fill our our online form, or call us! All we need from you to get an offer is your VIN, mileage, color, and zip code.

Within a few minutes, one of our car acquisition experts will give you a follow-up call. They will go over the next steps of inspecting the car, what to expect during the inspection, and how payment and pickup will work. It's that easy! Forget the worries that come with organizing a private sale, finding a buyer, and haggling over the price.

With My Car Auction and our professional buyers, you will receive an honest valuation for your car within minutes. That's the perfect way to sell your car!

Sell Your Car For Cash

At MCA, we are devoted to giving you a reasonable price for your car. If you are searching to get a good price, fast sale, and payment transferred on the day, our service is the greatest way to sell your car in California!

After you have received our quote on your car and are satisfied with the price, we will come buy the car and pick it up within 48 hours!

We strive to provide the easiest way to sell your car within the state. We have also worked hard to create a seamless and smooth process that guarantees you can receive an exceptional evaluation and a fast cash transer for your car.

Call us at (855) 476-0933 or get an instant offer within 45 seconds on our home page.