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How to Sell Your Car Online?
At My Car Auction, We Help Clients List and Sell Their Cars Online in 4 Easy StepsBuying a new car is one of the most exciting things you can ever experience. However, selling the old car can be time-consuming and frustrating, depending on the route you will take. The used car market involves unpredictability. Even if you have already determined the worth of your car, it does not necessarily mean that all interested buyers will pay that amount.Don't worry, My Car Auction is here to help you sell your car conveniently and as quickly as possible! Our company is dedicated to helping you get a maximum price for the value of your car. When you choose My Car Auction to handle things for you, you can eliminate the stress of listing a car privately. Now that you are wondering how to sell your car online, it's time to review the 4 easy steps.Step 1: Enter Car InfoOn the homepage, you will find an area where you will enter different car details, such as Year, Make, Model, VIN Number, and License Plate. Once you complete those fields, click on the “Get Started” button.Step 2: Get an Estimate You should receive a quote for your car in under a minute. Once you see your price, you can choose the “Sell Now” option, and you will receive payment and have the car picked up within 48 hours.Step 3: Schedule Inspection Do you find the price interesting? If you like it, the My Car Auction will schedule a 15-minute car inspection at your preferred location, be it at your home or office. Step 4: Schedule Payment & Car Pick Up Once the car inspection is completed, My Car Auction will pay you. You may receive payment by wire, cashier's check, or company check. Our company does not schedule a car pick up until the money is already in your bank account. After receiving the payment, the company will also pay off the lender. Everything is quick and easy. With My Car Auction, you do not need to stress about selling a used car. We utilize the country's largest car selling platform, so it's no surprise that your car is exposed to thousands of buyers.In ConclusionWhen determining how you will sell your car online, you have to evaluate your car, understand the options, prepare the necessary paperwork, and ask for a reasonable price. If you wish to eliminate all the hassles of selling a car, do not hesitate to contact My Car Auction, we would be happy to assist.