How To Sell Your Car Online - How To Sell A Car At An Online Auction
How It Works
We Make It Hassle-Free and Quick to Sell Your Car
Answer a few easy questions about your car and its present condition to identify what your vehicle is worth. Then you will get an offer right on the spot. If you are satisfied with the offer, we will connect you to an online platform that exposes your offer to over 50,000 buyers.
Step 1 Valuation
how to sell my vehicle online
It takes less than a minute for you to know what we will pay for your vehicle. Enter your vehicle details, and we will show you the value and send an email confirmation.
Step 2 Inspection
how to sell my car online
Our team will come to you anywhere you would like and confirm the condition of the car. Inspections only take 15 minutes to complete.
Step 3 Payment
how to sell a car at an auction
Once all the proper paperwork is signed, we will write a check for your equity in the car. You get to keep your car until the funds hit your bank account.
Step 4 Pick up
easiest way to sell your car
Once the check clears, we will schedule pick up and a driver will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a good time to pick up your vehicle.
Things You Need to Sell Your Car – How to Sell My Vehicle Online
There’s no need to present a drivable certificate when selling your car because we’re a licensed motor dealer. At the point of the sale, you’ll only need to present the car’s registration certificate and your driver’s license. If you don’t have access to such documents, feel free to give us a call to work out a solution.
Perks of Selling Your Car at My Car Auction
Take advantage of the confidence and convenience of online car selling at My Car Auction.
Fast, accurate, and easy
Just answer a few simple questions that influence the value of your vehicle to receive a real cash offer fast—typically under two minutes
Complete transparency from the beginning
See how things such as color, options, and mileage influence your car’s value in real-time. If you have more inquiries, a certified dealer will clarify everything that goes into your vehicle’s valuation personally.
Get paid quickly and directly
You can receive a check directly from our local certified dealer. There’s no need for laborious private party sales or to collect money from a stranger.
A Fast and Simple Car Buying Experience
We aim to be the fastest car buying service in California, where you can sell your vehicle without any hassle. From the time you get your online valuation to the moment our team process the purchase of your vehicle, our process is made to make the act of selling your car safe, simple, fast, and convenient. So, what are you waiting for? Sell your car at My Car Auction today!