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How to Find Your Car's Value Online By Using the My Car Auction Price Tool

Are you curious about your car's value and don't know which online pricing tool is accurate? Fortunately, you can now determine the most accurate market value for your car in less than a minute with the My Car Auction car valuation tool.

We have made valuing your car both faster and more accurate than ever before. While some pricing tools use a two-week moving average when giving you a value, our algorithm uses thousands of car transactions happening every day to evaluate the true value of your car in real-time. Why is this better? By using our tool, you can evaluate where the market is going for your specific car to make a more informed decision on when and at what price to sell.

Steps To Get A Value

  • VIN, or Year, Make, Model, and Trim
  • To get the most accurate value for your car, you should enter the VIN because it will factor in any Carfax reports and specifications to your car. But, if you do not have the VIN handy, we can give you an estimate with just your year, make, model, and trim.

  • Miles and Features
  • Entering the exact miles on your car is important to getting the most accurrate estimation for your car. Overstating or understating the miles by even just 100 can affect the price of the car. If you decided to enter the VIN of your car in the previous step, there is an opportunity to check box and features or add-ons that may increase the value of the car.

  • Condition
  • Everyone is overly optimistic about the actual market condition of the car. Often times this is a relection of the thinking your car is in very good condition for that specific year, make, and model. In reality, the condition is actually generated based off of a comparison of a brand new car. Bring 100% honest about the real condition of your car compared to new, will help limit deductions at the in-person inspection.

Selling Your Car Through the MCA Platform

My Car Auction offers the most convenient way to sell your car. After the valuation stage, and your VIN is confirmed, you will get an instant offer that is good for 48 hours. If you are happy and satisfied with that offer, you can request an in-person inspection at your home. Once you speak to one of our buyers to solidify details, they will schedule the inspector at your earliest convenience.

The inspection takes 15 minutes and once the condition is confirmed, we print and sign all the paperwork right then to finish the selling process. If you have a lease or a loan, bring the 10-day payoff packet or payoff quote from your lessor or lender. Give that to the inspector when you start the paperwork and they will tell you where to sign so we can take care of paying off the remaining balance in your account! Once all the paperwork is signed, we will give you payment for your equity on the spot! We will either hand you a check, or do a wire transfer within 24 hours.

Finally, we schedule a good time to pick up the car, and your car will be off and sold within 48 hours! The tow truck driver will communicate with you to verify when he is close to picking up the car so you are not left wondering if they are still coming or not.

Discover Your Car's Value Now!

Whether you want to upgrade to a newer vehicle, or simple have no need for your old one, you can always count of My Car Auction to give you the most accurate value for your car. The process of finding your car's value is fast, easy, and most importantly, accurate. You can experience transparency in the car selling process from start to finish. Plus, you will get paid directly and quickly.

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