Ranking The New Wave Of All Electric Trucks
Ranking The New Generation Of Electric Trucks

Ever since Rivian announced they were coming out with the first ever all electric truck, manufacturers have been in a 'space race' to get their version of an all electric truck on the road. If you are in the market for a truck and are thinking of going electric, this article is a perfect synopsis of pricing, performance, and fun features the next wave of EV trucks are offering.

Tier 1: Rivian R1T, Hummer EV, Tesla Cybertruck

First Up: Rivian R1T

We start our rankings with the first every fully electric truck ever produced, the Rivian R1T. The truck hit the road in the fall of 2021 and is only available by pre-order only. My Car Auction recently bought one and I had a chance to see this car up close and in person, and it really is quite a car.

  1. Packages and Pricing (7/10)
    • Explore: $67,500
    • Adventure: $73,000
    • Launch: $85,000
  2. Performance (9/10)
    • 0-60: 3.3 seconds
    • Horsepower: 600-835 depending on motors
    • Torque: 600-908 lb. ft.
    • Towing Capacity: 11,000 lbs.
    • Battery Range: 260-400 miles depending on battery pack and motors
    • Drivetrain: AWD
    • Ground Clearance: 14.9 in.
  3. Fun Features (10/10)
    • Gear Tunnel: Storage between passenger door and rear wheel well. Can carry up to 250 lbs. and can comfortably fit two golf bags.
    • Portable Speaker: speaker under the center console can pop out and can be taken anywhere! It even doubles as a lantern.
    • Bracelet Key: waterproof, silicon bracelet that unlocks your car. No more bulky pockets!
  4. Looks (7/10)
    • I do not like the vertical, oval shaped headlights on the front of the Rivian. I think it looks tacky and takes away from the futurist looking light bar across the front.

    My overall ranking of the Rivian R1T is 9.3/10. It is an amazing car with a bunch of awesome features and add-ons that cater perfectly to their adventourous audience. The looks and pricing are the only thing holding this car back from being a 10/10.

Next Up: GMC Hummer EV Pickup

We recently did a full review on the Hummer EV Pickup, which you can view on our YouTube channel, and this truck is a BEAST. The Hummer absolutely lives up to its predecessor with its size and look. The car weighs in at a whopping 9,063 lbs., with 2,923 lbs. coming from the batteries alone. Here is my ranking:

  1. Trim Options and Pricing (4/10)
    • Pickup Edition: $110,595
    • Future Editions:
      • EV2: $79,995
      • EV2X: $89,995
      • EV3X: $99,995
  2. Performance (9/10)
    • 0-60: 3 seconds
    • Horsepower: 1,000
    • Torque: 11,500 lb. ft.
    • Tow Capacity: 7,500 lbs.
    • Battery Range: 329 miles
    • Drivetrain: 4WD
    • Ground Clearance:
      • Normal Mode: 10.1 in.
      • Raised Mode: 11.9 in.
  3. Fun Features (7.5/10)
    • Crab Walk: All four wheels are able to turn in the same direction up to a 10 degree angle. Allowing the driver to have a crab-like movement.
    • Infinity Roof: Turn your Hummer EV Pickup into a converible by removing the windows of your door and sky panels.
    • Watts to Freedom: launch control for whenever you find yourself wanting to drag race.
    • Power Station Generator: has its own power supply that can charge other EVs, or even your house.
  4. Looks (10/10)
    • Some people may not like the size of this car, but looks are not about size. I absolutely love the look of the new Hummer EV Pickup. I think they designed a perfect blend of the old Hummer body, with the futurist look of all new EVs hitting the road. It also has what GMC calls "moonscape" accents to the interior and trunk space that gives it that extra detail. This car will turn heads on the road and to me, that is a huge plus.

    My overall score of the Hummer EV Pickup is 9.1/10. The price, bulkiness, and lack of fun features like the Rivian are what hold me back from putting this car into the 9s. I think this car, at a lower price point (which they promise in future models) will become a more popular sight on the road. This car is an off-roaders dream.

Rounding Out Tier 1: Tesla Cybertruck

Ever since Elon Musk had the infamous clip of revealing the spaceship looking Cybertruck to the world and breaking two of the "bulletproof" windows, there has not been much buzz about the car. Even though not much has been guaranteed about the features and add-on options for the car, they plan to start production this fall. You can expect to see this car come early to mid 2023. Here is a synopsis of the Tesla Cybertruck.

  1. Packages and Pricing (10/10)
    • Base: $39,900
    • Dual-Motor: $49,900
    • Tri-Motor: $69,900
  2. Performance (10/10)
    • 0-60: 2.9 seconds
    • Horsepower: estimated 800
    • Torque: estimated estimate 1,000
    • Towing Capacity:
      • Base: 7,500 lbs.
      • Dual-Motor (w/ extended battery): 10,000 lbs.
      • Tri-Motor: 14,000 lbs.
    • Battery Range: 250-500 miles depending on battery package
    • Drivetrain: RWD for base, AWD for dual and tri-motor
    • Ground Clearance: 16 in.
  3. Fun Features (6.5/10)
    • Adaptive Air Suspension: can level our your car on uneven surfaces for better loading/unloading and camping.
    • Extended Ramp: a ramp slides out from the tailgate to make loading items into the bed even easier.
    • Magic Tonneau Cover: cover that can withstand the weight of a person and makes the bed look flush with the cab.
  4. Looks (5/10)
    • The looks are going to be the make or break point for most people. You either love the futuristic, space ship look, or you absolutely despise it. Regardless of what I rank it, some will say 0/10, some will say 10/10, so I just split the difference.

    Tesla has promised some ridiculous performance capabilities and features to this truck that don't seem believable. 500-mile battery range and 14,000 lbs. of towing capacity top that list. Not much has been said about the possible accessories that Tesla will offer with the Cybertruck, which is why it only got a 6.5/10 on my scale. But, if Elon and Co. can deliver everything as promised at a base price of $39,900, then I am all in on this truck. My overall score is 8.9.

Tier 2: Ford Lightning, Chevrolet Silverado EV, GMC Sierra Electric, Ram 1500 EV

Tier 2 is comprised of the more everyday, and more affordable drivers. The cars that will be mass produced and mass purchased as electric cars become the standard. While the GMC Sierra and Ram 1500 do not have much news on them yet, I will touch on what we know and what we can expect from those two cars going forward.

Ford Lightning

Ford did nothing special with their new all electric truck. They took the best selling truck series for over 44 years and hit copy and paste with an edit to the engine. Below, here are the pricing and features you can expect.

  1. Trim Options and Pricing (9/10)
    • Pro: $39,974
    • XLT: $52,974
    • Lariat: $67,474
    • Platinum: $90,874
  2. Performance (7/10)
    • 0-60: 4.5 seconds
    • Horsepower: 452-580
    • Torque: 775 lb. ft.
    • Towing Capacity
      • Pro, XLT, Lariat: 5,000 lbs.
      • XLT, Lariat (extended battery range): 7,700 lbs.
      • Platinum (extended battery range): 8,000 lbs.
      • Max Tow Package: 10,000 lbs.
    • Battery Range: 230-320 miles
    • Drivetrain: 4WD
  3. Fun Features (6/10)
    • Intelligent Backup Power: extended range battery can hook up to your house and power it for 3-10 days in the event of a power outage.
    • 11 Power Outlets: while most EVs have 3-5 outlets, Ford takes no chance and has put 11 throughout the truck.
    • Zone Lighting: 360 degrees of lighting around your truck for your need to see at night.
  4. Looks (7/10)
    • The Ford Lightning is the most standard looking truck that has been released. If it weren't for the daytime light bar that runs across the front, you may not even notice it is an electric car separate from the F-150. I give this look a 7/10.

Overall, I believe the Ford Lightning will be the most mass produced and mass purchased in the coming years. It is going to be the average man's EV truck. The lack of fun features is necessary for what this truck is being sold for, even though it is a little dissapointing. This truck will be the stepping stone for all mass-produced all electric trucks. My score: 7.4/10.

Chevrolet Silverado EV

Chevrolet's counter to the Ford Lightning has a little bit more of a jolt in looks and feel than its gas counterpart. While Chevrolet currently only offers a base model, but have promised more trim options in the coming years. Here are the rankings:

  1. Options and Pricing (5/10)
    • RST: $39,900
  2. Performance (8/10)
    • 0-60: 4.5 seconds
    • Horsepower: 660
    • Torque:780 lb. ft.
    • Towing Capacity: 10,000 lbs. w/ 20,000 lbs. guaranteed on future models
    • Battery Range: 400 miles
    • Drivetrain: 4WD
  3. Fun Features (8/10)
    • Multiflex Midgate w/ Pass-Through: The midgate of the Silverado EV has several different options to open up bed space. You can open up a small cubby to fit lengthy 2x4 planks, or a paddleboard. Or, you can take out the entire back wall of the midgate, including the glass, to fit bigger items such as a couch. They say you can fit up to 9 feet of things with the midgate fully open.
  4. Looks (7/10)
    • The Chevrolet Silverado EV definitely has a more futuristic look than its current competition in the Ford Lightning. Some may love it, and some may hate it. To me, I do not think the looks are a huge deal breaker here. I do not think they will convert Ford customers into Chevrolet buyer, or visa versa.

Overall, the new Chevy Silverado EV is a great stepping stone for Chevy in creating a whole lineup of EV trucks. Even with the lack of features, the Multiflex Midgate is an incredible feature that will attract a lot of people who contantly have longer items, like surfboards, to haul. The lack of trim options is a little dissapointing but the promise of more options in the future is good enough for now. My score: 7.4/10.

Up and Coming EV Trucks

Some EV Trucks that have been promised, but have limited details on pricing, features, and release date are the GMC Sierra EV, and the Ram 1500 EV. What we know as of now is the GMC Sierra EV will hover around the $50,000 range with 200-400 miles of range and production starting in 2023. Full details of the Sierra EV will be released this fall. For the Ram 1500 EV, there has only been a teaser first-look released and the first edition should be available sometime in 2024. Ford has also released a statement that they are going to be release another all electric truck that is not part of the F-series, but details have yet to be confirmed. Toyota has not released any plans for making an all electric truck, but some say it will come soon enough.