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Quick Tips on Trading-in your Porsche, Mercedes, or Tesla
It is a sad day when you have to trade-in your Porsche, Mercedes, or Tesla. Unless of course you plan on buying or leasing a new one. Either way, My Car Auction is here to help you maximize the value of your trade-in with these quick tips:Tips for Porsche drivers2020 proved to be the second highest year for Porsche sales in the U.S., which is good news for you because demand is high. The first step in making your beautiful driving machine look valuable to buyers is to give it a good car wash and detail job. Then, take about 8-10 high quality pictures of the interior and exterior of the car. Second, use the My Car Auction application to get a real offer and potential auction value in just 45 seconds. If you want to trade-in your vehicle at a Porsche dealership, you'll have to pass their 111- point checklist before they'll consider adding you to their “Porsche Approved” online sales page. There should be no problem finding a dealer with their easy-to-use Porsche Dealer Search page.Tips for Mercedes driversMercedes also saw strong 2020 sales with just under 275,000 passenger vehicles sold in the US in 2020. Most Mercedes are known to be extremely reliable thanks to over 100 years of German engineering, so the market for used Mercedes and trade-ins are a perennial powerhouse.As mentioned above, the first thing you should do before listing your car is get it washed and detailed. Then, take 8-10 high-quality photos and write out a list of all the key features your car has. Then you can list your car online and wait for offers. If you want to alleviate all this work, use My Car Auction. We will either buy your car from you and have cash in your hand within 48 hours of you filling out the MCA form, or we will auction your car for you and get you multiple offers from high-end buyers. Either way, you win.If you choose to go the dealer trade-in route, Mercedes provides an easy-to-use calculator to help determine the value of your car. You can then easily apply that value to the cost of your new car at the dealership.Tips for Tesla driversUnfortunately, Tesla is no longer allowing us, or even the owner, to buy out a Tesla lease as of April 15th. We wish we could help anyone out of their Tesla lease but this announcement denies any opportunity to do so.